My dear Jaejoong,

You must be so tired… 
Many things have been happening lately, and a lesser man would have fallen long time ago.
But you’re still standing, you hold your head high and continue to show us that sorrowful smile. 
“Keep your head up,” you tell us, “hope until the end”.

Many would have fallen, but our Hero is still standing, promising to work until his body would collapse, until his throath would explode and his larynx would be reduced to bloody pulp.

My dear Jaejoong…
You find within yourself a power most can only dream of.
Dong Bang Shin Ki… 
You weren’t called Gods for nothing.

Cassiopeia is so proud of you.
And I promise you, I will keep the faith. As long as I breathe, I’ll hope. 
No matter the outcome, 2,3,5… I’ll always bleed pearl red.

“For as long as I live, you won’t be able to take my blood. And you’ll never be able to take all the red from TVXQ, as they’ll live on forever.”

You’re legends, Jaejoong.
The rising Gods of the East.
And Cassiopeia will always be with you. We love our Gods too fondly to be scared of this darkness.

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Posted on Friday, 27 April
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