Tarantallegra, let’s enjoy.
Tarantallegra, be intoxicated with music.
Tarantallegra, so what?
Tarantallegra, don’t hesitate.
Tarantallegra, the music-
Tarantallegra, you will feel it.
Tarantallegra, this moment
Tarantallegra, abandon yourself.


Lovely trip.

I’m incredibly proud of Junsu.

He did a fantastic job.
I loved everything about the video, from music to lyrics, to choreo to fashion.

Try not to be too close-minded about the fashion people, this is a very brave thing of Junsu to do, let’s applaud the creativity behind it. It’s not because he dresses androgynous or “like a girl”, that that’s a bad thing. I applaud his and his team’s efforts and I can say once again that I’m a very proud Cassiopeia. 

2,991 plays Love In The Ice TVXQ


Love in the Ice (Korean + Japanese)
Left is Korean, Right is Japanese 

Oh my god this sounds SO GOOD!!!

[INFO] Jaejoong has lunch in Itaewon with Friends


These aren’t sasaeng photos. The person (eating at the restaurant) spotted him because Jaejoong was driving his Lamborghini and it attracted the attention of people in the restaurant because it was loud. He had lunch in Itaewon at Hong Seok Cheon’s restaurant.

Credit: Telzone - Daum

Seriously, how cool is this guy. That’s a fine ride.

IS IT LOVE? | YunJae fanfic

Author: Jaeyunrotic
Pairing: Yunjae
Title: Is it love?
Genre: Realism (this is one of the many possible scenarios that could have happend, from the start of DBSK, up until now)
Rating: PG-13
Length: +3000 words
Extra: POV Yunho

I wrote this a while ago, and it’s very dear to me. I’m proud of it, even if I say so myself ^3^

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